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The Adam GmbH + co. KG, with headquarters in Suhl – the commercial area of Friedberg, manufactures since 1998, for a variety of industrial areas, assemblies, and precision parts made of different materials according to customer requirements, up to the middle of the series.


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CNC -Stangengreifer

Company profile

Our products are used in special machine construction, medical technology, aerospace, the automotive industry, the optics and in the solar industry.

With qualified personnel in the design and manufacturing, as well as with universal CNC-controlled tool machines of the latest Generation, we process guarantee a high functionality, dimensional accuracy, and Surface finish of our products to the highest standards of our customers.

The quality of the individual work steps, pavers products or functionality of the modules can be documented with test reports. The use of advanced Software and CNC Coordinate measuring technology from Zeiss come here.

Our company has been certified since 1999, and is regularly audited by TÜV Thüringen and our customer, Audi.

Other services such as surface coatings or material property changes in co-operation with verified and reliable partner companies.

Production profile

CNC milling

3 Achs-Bearbeitungszentrum:

  • Standard – Fräsoperationen
Editing options:
  • CNC milling and Drilling with high pressure coolant through the spindle for tools with internal cooling
  • Synchronous tapping and thread forming
  • Free-form milling of 3D contours

5 Achs-Bearbeitungszentrum:

  • 5-Seiten Komplettbearbeitung für Form- und Lagetoleranzen mit höchster Präzision
  • 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling Operation
  • Automatisches Be- und Entladen von Werkstücken
Editing options:
  • CNC milling and Drilling with high pressure coolant through the spindle for tools with internal cooling
  • Synchronous tapping and thread forming
  • Free-form milling of 3D contours
The manufacturing is done with CNC machines of the latest Generation.

CNC-Fräsmaschinen 3-Achs Werkstückparameter:


1110 mm


510 mm


510 mm

CNC-Fräsmaschine 5-Achs-Bearbeitungszentrum Werkstückparameter:


500 mm


500 mm


500 mm

The manufacturing is carried out with the CNC-turning / milling centers and CNC turret lathe machines of the latest Generation.

Material parameters:

Machining diameter:

10 – 300 mm

Working length (max.):

400 mm

Spindle bore (max.):

Ø 100 mm


Ø 10 – 80 mm

CNC Turning

5 Achs-Dreh-Fräsbearbeitungszentren:

  • Editing with multi-tasking tools
  • Complete machining in one clamping
  • Transfer 2. Spindle (full C-axis)
  • Y - and B-axis control
  • Full Spindle
  • High-pressure coolant through spindle for tools with internal cooling
  • Angle surface machining with complex geometries and bags
  • Free-form milling of 3D contours with 5-axis simultaneous machining
  • Automatic Tailstock

3 Achs-Revolverdrehmaschinen:

  • Chuck and collet voltage
  • driven tools
  • Drilling and milling operations
  • Automatic Tailstock

CNC saws

With Saw-Machines

For sawing Material, fully automatic band saw machines are used.
We can offer material blanks in all fields with test certificate at cheap rates. The main material dimensions and material Grades we have in stock.

Our claim: One week after receipt of order, we deliver, depending on the amount of the blanks with a material certificate.

Specifications Band Saw Machine:

Material dimensions: 10 – 320 mm
Length of cut: 2 – 680 mm


Design and manufacture of:

  • Assemblies
  • Clamping and mounting devices according to customer's requirements
  • Manufacture of mould inserts for injection moulding tools, rivet tools, punching - and bending tools

In-house development and manufacture of a rod gripper system for CNC lathes.

The rod gripper is a gripping tool out of Bar material Dia 3 – 90 mm from the lining of the CNC lathe and CNC machining centre in the automatic mode.

Is particularly suitable for:
  • Production of small and medium-sized series of rods and
  • even to the Transfer of workpieces

It was developed in 1998 and since then has been successful in customers and in our own manufacturing use.



We can take for our customers to constructive tasks and technical solutions.
A hand sketch or a description of the task is enough to create a 3D model or 2D Drawing for your Assembly or functional item. Also customer's own digital 2D drawings or 3D digital models, we can read about the usual standard interfaces in our computer System.
Optimized work processes, in conjunction with the material used are stored witnesses in a database of the CAM-Ware. From this we create in a short time, the optimal treatment strategy in a cost-optimal production times and low tool.

This means for our customers:
short delivery times, rapid availability and low cost.


Maximum standard of quality by our practiced quality Management.

  • We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/2015
  • Own quality assurance to comply with the ISO Standards
  • Air-Conditioned Measuring Room
  • Use state of the art CNC Coordinate measuring technology of the company Zeiss, with Software in the creation of Measuring and test reports
  • Automate testing processes – the maximum repeatability
  • Automated creation of test reports / test reports


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