Commercial development

1998 - Establishment of

  • Founded as a single company - CNC metal machining Adam, owner of Henry Adam headquartered in Schmalkalden
  • In the technology and business incubator Schmalkalden (TGF) has been hired as a production hall with a surface area of approximately 100 m2 and an office space
  • Purchase of the first CNC-controlled machine tools the manufacture of precision parts
  • Number of employees: 3 

2001 - Commercial new construction and change of the legal form

  • Decision for the construction of your own company building in Suhl in the industrial Park Friedberg
  • Expansion of the production area of approximately 700 m2
  • Investment in new CNC-turning / milling and sawing technology
  • The introduction of quality standards according to DIN ISO 9001/2000
  • Number of employees: 8

2004 - Further investments in quality assurance and CNC technology

  • Investment decision for the construction of an air-conditioned measuring room
  • Investment in a CNC-controlled 3D-coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss with the corresponding Software in the creation of Measuring and test reports
  • The process safety of the individual processing steps can now be monitored better, and controlled
  • Optimum storage and organization of the Measuring and test equipment at constant ambient conditions
  • The Monitoring of the Measuring and test equipment can be centralized
  • Investing in a CNC machining centre
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Apprentices: 1

2008 / 2009 - Expansion of the production area

  • Planning and realization of a further production hall
  • The entire usable production space now has a size of approximately 1,500 m2
  • For the storage and Transport of the Material is now a bridge crane can be used
  • For the cutting of the Material, an additional CNC saw machine was purchased
  • The production process has a new structure and has become a well-arranged production areas even more productive
  • Investment in additional CNC technology
  • Number of employees: 15
  • Apprentices: 2

2021 - Investment in automated machining centers

  • Turning-milling machining center with Automation